A Quick & Easy Guide to Buying an Outdoor Noticeboard for Your Business Premises

Looking to invest in an outdoor noticeboard for your business premises? Here is a quick and easy guide to doing exactly that – along with where to find out more or turn should you require further advice and / or information.

Wall Mounted vs. Free Standing Outdoor Noticeboards

Whether to opt for a wall mounted or free standing external or outdoor noticeboard for your premises is not simply a matter of choosing the option you like the look of best. It is very important to choose a free standing or wall mounted noticeboard based on its intended use(s) and the space, design and nature of a premises.

At the very least, it is important to remember that you will only be permitted to place an external noticeboard on land that you own and ensuring you make the most of and choose the right place to put an external notice board (whether on the wall or post mounted before your premises) will require thinking carefully about where it will be most visible, safe and easy to stop and read.Image result for A Quick & Easy Guide to Buying an Outdoor Noticeboard for Your Business Premises

Materials, Types and Styles of Outdoor Noticeboards

External noticeboards are made in a wealth of differing materials – visit the Noticeboards Online website and specifically browse their External Notice Boards Range to see for yourself just what is available.

In summary, when buying an external notice board for a business premises or organisation, style is a matter of determining what is appropriate as this will always provide the best option.

T give two common examples, a free standing and ornate wooden framed noticeboard would be a traditional option to choose for use outside of a local parish church. Meanwhile, and in contrast, wall mounted, metal frames are often seen outside of restaurants, and usually feature menu and specials.

Security, Locks and Tamperproofing Outdoor Noticeboards

One aspect of noticeboard purchasing unique to noticeboards made or purchased for external use is the matter of security.

Securing an external noticeboard to ensure its contents do not become damaged, go missing or end up otherwise overlooked is not just a matter of keeping meddlers and vandals out; it is far more likely that an uncovered and unsecured external noticeboard will suffer at the hands of our British weather than a would be thief or meddler.

Fortunately, most noticeboards made for external use come already equipped with basic security and weather-proofing; that is, they are made weather resistant and usually feature a basic locking mechanism.

That said, there are additional safety and security measures available and designed to be used on external notice boards which you might want to consider when purchasing or using an external noticeboard. Meanwhile, keyless wall mounted external notice boards are also available to buy via providers such as UK based XL Displays online.

Legal Matters and Local Council Regulations to Be Aware Of

Further and finally, depending on the location of your premises and whether you own the land directly surrounding it may decide for you whether you are legally able to fit, either wall mounted or free standing noticeboard.

For example, high street shop owners may be required to consult or liaise with their local council ahead of making use of an external noticeboard. And this may be true even when fitting a wall mounted notice board which will as such do nothing to get in the way of passing human traffic. This is because local councils take the look of their shopping areas and town centres very seriously.

Hence, ahead of purchasing or deciding on either a wall mounted or free standing external noticeboard, it is prudent to first contactyour local council (which you can here via the Gov.UK website). Alternatively or additionally, you may find the information, guidelines and regulations contained in the UK Communities and Government PDF Guide to Outdoor Advertisements and Signs answers any queries or questions you might have.

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