Design Moves LLC is Taking on New Clients for Marketing Consulting in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale FL – In interviewing a fairly new company to south florida called Design Moves LLC, I wanted to get a feel for what exactly Marketing Consulting entails.

Marketing Consulting 101

Based on the response amongst many is similar to what a lawyer and any other business consultant does; provides guidance towards a specific topic. Interestingly enough the approach towards marketing is such a broad range.

Such situations mentioned are from a small business that wants a direction to lead themselves into a new year or a medium sized business needing to keep their in-house marketing person up to date on all of the options out there to make a difference in their larger scale organization.

Some preferences are to have more of a mentorship than an actual service performed which is completely encouraged from Design Moves LLC.

“We at Design Moves LLC, encourages all businesses to operate however they feel most comfortable. Some love to do things on their own and just need a little guidance. Others prefer being more hands off and have a team lead that portion of the business. We can ultimately do either and would love to show you the benefits of using a team such as ourselves that has experience using different marketing methods on a various industries.”  – Gregory Bent

Organizing your time more efficiently can affect your bottom line in a positive way. Is it better to work harder or work smarter? Getting organized and utilizing your time effectively can also reap benefits of less stress and more downtime to spend with family or friends.

What is your time worth to you?

Hopefully this article helps gain some insight into the benefits of working with consultants as opposed as learning tools the hard way. Education is the way to freedom! I hope everyone has a lovely rest of your New Year.

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