DX Mail Services

What is DX Mail?

DX mail is Document Exchange. Rather than using a postal address with a postcode the user registers with DX Mail and is given an identification number which acts as an address.

Document exchange’s beginnings come from within the legal profession.

Lawyers arranged to meet at a particular time in a designated location to exchange documents securely.

This developed in to the DX service which has been in existence for over forty years. DX mail services are a strong alternative option to Royal Mail.

Does it have many users?

Over 25000 commercial clients use DX in the UK.

Internet shopping brought a sharp rise in DX mail services usage. The DX mail works through a private network not the Royal Mail mailboxes.

DX has its own mailbox facility which has over 4200 convenient locations throughout the country.

Who can use DX Mail?

Every business can use DX mail services, from sole operators through to large capacity users in any sector.

Why change from good old Royal Mail?

Many businesses have a postal address and a DX address.

Business to business advisers like Eagle Consultancy seek to achieve cost savings for their clients and they know that most members enjoy significant savings using DX Mail compared to their rivals. Delivery is excellent.

How can I ensure its cost effective?

DX monitoring is a regular feature of DX mail services management.

This effective business tool is a check point to ensure that the costs of DX mail services reflect a member’s usage accurately. Savings of 25% on their previous arrangements are not uncommon.

As you may use extra stamps and cost yourself money at present this could be hugely impactful on profit/loss.

How much does it cost a business to join DX mailing?

For business users you could argue that it is inexpensive compared to other methods.

There is a £250 membership fee.

An annual fee is payable.

For the larger exchange mailboxes there could be additional maintenance charges.

Do I use addresses as with Royal Mail?

Everyone listed in the DX address book is identified using a reference number and these are effectively used as addresses.

So, for example 123456 London could send mail to 567890 Birmingham. The need for a full address and postcode is negated.

The DX mail services are geared to understand the numbers. Clever and time saving.

When and where is the mail collected from?

With a collection service added to the basic DX mail service the DX drivers will agree a time for collection from your business premises.

They make every effort to stick to this time and would hope that clients do the same so that maximum efficiency can be delivered to all clients they serve.

Where can I find out more information about costs and price comparisons? I want to check franked mail costs and stamps against the DX mail services network.

You can communicate with DX directly or speak to impartial and proficient advisers like Eagle Consultancy in Aldermaston.

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