General Rules to Apply to your Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management needs a lot of attention and special consideration when implementing it and setting it up for your organization. If your organization or brand simply follows these few rules, then it should have no problem avoiding common conflicts that companies run into with their reputation management.

It’s important to understand that online reputation management is not under the control of people and it is not up to the people to determine what shows up in what order. Although it is up to people to take certain steps in attempts to get their content displayed at the top, it is actually an algorithm that determines what is seen and in what order. The algorithm depends on the popularity of the content and the how interested the users would find the content. If a doctor is frequently searching for medical information online, your children’s bouncy house website would not be of any interest to them.


You need to update your information regularly and declutter your content. Irrelevant content should be removed as frequently as possible. Old and outdated content will be less interesting to users looking you or your brand up. They see it as irrelevant.

Don’t give negative content concerning you or your brand too much attention as this will boost up their position in search results and make them very popular. This is the opposite of what you want for you reputation management. You should advise your friends to avoid these sites as well for the same reason. You do not want to generate popular attention for these blogs or sites as it will simultaneously hurt your own reputation management. Online reputation management requires you to think things through with common sense and with goals in mind. Keep these tips and tricks in mind before going forward with your reputation management.

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