How you can tell your ROI for your online marketing campaigns

ValueMags is in the business of helping magazine publishers increase their evens as well as build relationships with partners. There are ways ValueMags can track traffic on their social media to see from where and who is visiting and also getting more information on conversions. Most companies don’t know how the traffic on their social media sites convert. In addition, you can compare the conversion rates from different social sites to understand where to concentrate most of your time. 

There are both a direct and indirect impact on conversions from social. Direct conversion is when a someone finds your brand on social media and then becomes a customer. Indirect is when social is involved but that did not trigger an action. For example, someone might have seen you online but for a reason on another did not convert right away. Once they do need your product or service to help solve their problem, they thought of you. Through a simple Google search, they found your company online and that is when they bought from you. It is assisted by social but how can you better track your conversions with social media for both direct and indirect?


One trick is to create custom links. It works best if you have a specific campaign to promote your products across all your social media channels. The purpose of custom links will include relevant information to be passed on to Google Analytics. Once you post something on the social media sites with the link included within it, you can relate the campaign on Google analytics and track the visits through that specific link.

In order to get these links, you can easily do it and best of all, it’s free. With the use of Google URL builder, you can create these custom URLs. There are extensions you can download on certain browsers to track the URL. Don’t be alarmed about where the URL will take people. It will still take them to your site but it will just contain more information. On Google analytics, you can set up goals like if someone landed on the checkout page. So now you can really see which medium people came from and if they bought something. Going back to indirect conversion, Google analytics uses cookies to track visitors from a specific IP address. This method is not always accurate since people can easily delete their browsing history and cookies. Another way around it is if someone switches browsers and converts on a different one.

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