Mailmark Is The Future

Royal Mail’s Mailmark is an innovative implementation of technology.

It has been designed for use with smart franking machines and if you are looking to buy or enter in to a contract hire agreement then please do ensure that your machine is Mailmark compatible because it will save you money in the long term.

What’s different about Mailmark franking and “normal” franking?

Royal Mail invested £70 million in Mailmark’s development.

Clients were keen to have higher visibility with accurate reporting tools and smart technology and Mailmark deliver these.

Via a 2D barcode and online reporting you can track the progress of mail as it goes through the Royal Mail system.

Development continues with the likelihood of touchscreen technology and integrated scales.


What’s out: Higher postal charges and the old crown and die franking image.

What’s in: The most economic franking machine postage tariff and a two dimensional readable barcode.


Simply by clicking online you can view a list of franked Mailmark post which is in transit and find out whether it has been accepted at the post processing facility.

It should also highlight any items of mail which have experienced a problem going through the system, perhaps because the address is incomplete or the Mailmark barcode is on the reverse of the envelope.

The reporting visibility is provided by barcode scanning and a dashboard online. Royal Mail don’t charge extra for these excellent Mailmark facilities.


With their Mailmark option Royal Mail offers free weekday collections for all clients who spend £15000+ with them per annum.

The collection time is agreed at the outset so that the system is efficient and meets expectations.

If you spend less than £15000 with them a one-off collection is charged at around £14 and an annual collection service costs approximately £1700.

By having mail collection services and Mailmark the efficiency of the post related tasks and continued monitoring when items have left the premises is unparalleled.

Added advertising, logos, slogans, messages and a professional impression are integral in the smart technology, Mailmark and maximum machine utilisation.


A franking machine and Mailmark qualified expert contract hire or purchase firm will be happy to illustrate probable cost savings for your business.

One of the premier firms in the south of England is IMS in Aldermaston.

They, as with all providers, work in partnership with Royal Mail.

All machines for rental or to buy must be smart technology enabled to meet Royal Mail specifications.

If you buy a second hand machine, please note that if it doesn’t have smart technology it will become obsolete more quickly which makes a saving today a further expenditure tomorrow.

You may not know that the UK is the only country to offer rental agreements and buy options for franking machines.

Royal Mail and their partners view Mailmark as the future so the best financial option has to be to invest in the best now (rent or buy) so that you can take full advantage of the facilities and cutting edge technology.

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